Lancia Stratos

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Turbo & Exhaust

My previous Car had Twin Garret T25 turbo's, but this time I decided to go with a single Turbo, to make for an easier installation.

The chosen turbo is a Garret GT3582R Ball Bearing Turbo. This is capable of upto 600BHP depending on the configuration. My turbo has a ported inlet shroud (anti surge) & a Tial Stainless Steel turbine housing. The Tial housing is used mainly as it has V clamp fittings on Both the inlet & outlet. To get the 500BHP that I am aiming for I was advised that I would need eithe a  0.82a/r or the 1.06a/r turbine housing. At the time I purchased the turbo, th etial housing was only available in the 0.82 size. This will give better driveability than the larger housing, but only time will tell if it will flow enough gas to reach my power target.

Everyone who has seen this turbo has made the same comment - ITS HUGE!!!

This turbo does not have an internal wastegate, so I ordered a Tial V44 External wastegate - However this had been superceded by the Tial MVR Wastgate and I was suplied with the newer version, complete with water cooling connections. To complete the turbo set up is a Tial 50mm BOV to keep things spinning when the throttle is shut.

The Exhaust System was made Locally by OJZ engineering. The Headders & everything on the hot side of the turbo are made from 321 Stainless to cope with the heat & less exotic 304 stainless is used for the rest of the system & the sliencers.

The work done by Lance at OJZ is just top quality - the fit of all the pipework is perfect with no gaps so that the welds are the best quality. I dont need to say anymore, you can see in the photos.

The exhaust ended up close to the fuel tank, but that has now had a chunk removed from the corner to give 2" plus clearance, so with some suitable heat shield it wont be a problem.

We had a discussion as to if one silencer would be enough, in the end two were decided on due to my use of the car for track days & the sound limits for some of them. If it proves to be too quiet that can always be fixed in the future.