Lancia Stratos

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Radiator Upgrade

This was actually fitted in December 2009 so that it could be tested for efficiency before the main build started. 

The new radiator was custom made by Allisport and is taller & thicker than the one it replaced. Even though it had to be slightly narrower to fit between the chassis tubes when installed in its new position, it is still about 50% larger.

This shows the comparison between the old and the new radiator. My last turbo Stratos used the stock radiator, but although just it coped with the cooling, the water temp was well over 100C. This time I am after more power so a larger radiator was needed. 

Even setting the radiator at a steeper angle - it only just fitted in the space available. Driving the car with the new radiator proved it to work well, even with half of it blanked off it provided enough cooling for the standard engine.

New Pacet Fans were installed to ensure that there would be enough cooling when stationary & also to help cool the charge cooler water when stationary. 

One 12” fan and one 11” fan covers most of the available surface.  The Air exits through a non standard duct in the front clam.