Lancia Stratos

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New Gear Lever

I was never happy with the MR2 lever or linkage when I changed to the MR2 Turbo Box, so now was the opportunity to do somthing about it.

I had tried fitting a quick shift to the MR2 Lever, but it diddnt really help.

      The Lever its self was to short and the cables seemed to have too much "stiction" for want of a better word. Searching on the net found a few possible billet shifters that could be adapted, but none of them were ideal & all would still have needed modifying, so I decided to make my own lever & upgrade the cables to some with less friction.

The below is the design I came up with for the stick.

This was to be machined from aluminium, with all shafts made from Stainless steel and all pivots to be with ball bearings.

So starting with the below materials the machining started.


This took a lot longer than I thought, but eventually it was completed & assembled

I then Designed and had made up a mount to hold the Lever, together with a bracket for fixing the ends of the cables. These parts were trial fitted & then they were Anodised and Powder Coated, which resulted in the below finished Article.

I was very happy with the end result, but because the cable attaches below the pivot on this lever, instead of above it as on the MR2 stick, the movement needed to be reversed at the box.

This was done by making a bracket so the cable attaches to the selector above the pivot point instead of below...

Last were the new cables, these are of the same diameter aspreviously used, but they are much more flexible & when installed offer less resistance than the old ones. Testing the gear change when stationary, all of the gears are easy to select & the lever has a very positive feel with a short throw. So once the engine is running it should give a nice slick shift.

The initial feel seems to indicate that the 5th/rev lockout feature that Is incorporated wont be needed, so I wont install the cable to operate it. However if I find it is needed it can be installed easily at a later date...