Lancia Stratos

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Larger Fuel Tank

Having such a thirsty engine has given some issues with fuel range & having nearly run out of fuel a couple of times I decided a bigger tank was needed. This is now possible, mainly due to replacing the Alfa Box with the Toyota one, the Cable change that replaced the rod shift to the Alfa box freed up a lot of space.

The Old Tank Was only around 35 litres capacity, so far to small…. 

Here you can see the old tank, with the proposed extensions mocked up with alloy to check that everything would still fit around it.

A rough estimate of the size of the Additional section of tank should worked out to be around 9 or 10 litres extra capacity. That dosent sound much for all the work involved, but percentage wise its an extra 25% capacity, which makes a big difference.

Below you see the new tank being tried for size before it was foam filled & the final side was attached.. and The FInished Tank Installed.

Thanks to Alloy Racing Fabrications for making the tank.

It has since been covered on the engine side with Zircotec thermal insulation to keep the tank as cool as possible.

The larger size of tank also required the fuel lift pump to be repositioned and for other reasons the Charge cooler pump was also re-located. Both these pumps were moved close to the oil cooler as seen below.