Lancia Stratos

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New AEM INFINITY 8 ECU to replace Haltech ECU

The Haltech ECU has been swapped for an AEM Infinity 8 ECU for a few reasons, the main ones being the fact that I needed more inputs for logging and wanted to add traction control. The AEM ECU has sufficient inputs and will run traction control. It also has on-board dual lambda control & is capable of running fly by wire throttle.

Together with the ECU I also have a 4 channel EGT Amplifer of which I will use 3 channels.

With the Haltech ECU I used an alfa 6 post coil, but with the AEM I am going to use COP. The Alfa coils wont fit anymore, due to the charge cooler etc bolted to the engine, so I am using VAG coils from the Audi R8, these are held secure with adaptors that I machined. This set up will also eliminate the problem of water collecting in the plug wells.

As the ECU supports Fly by Wire I decided to make use of the GTA Fly by wire throttle body – this will be paired with a Vauxhall (bosch) throttle pedal Pot.

This ECU will have 2 x lambda inputs, 2 x EGT pre turbo & 1 post turbo, along with Exhaust pressure.

I have also replaced all of the silicon hose and clamps for the boost signal lines with -3 or -4 Braided hose & threaded fittings. The supply for the boost control solenoid is also moved from before to after the charge cooler.