Lancia Stratos

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Installing the Alfa V6 - How it Came About 

The car was built using a 2.0L Lancia Beta Coupe donor car, this supplied many parts including the steering column, handbrake, rear suspension uprights & the engine and gearbox.

At the time, the 2.0L Lancia twin cam engine was the most commonly used engine in a stratos replica.











During a visit to the C.A.E. workshop (CAE took over the Corse from Litton Cars) an Alfa V6 engine from an Alfa 164 was delivered for a customer.

Discussing the possibility of fitting an Alfa engine to my car ‘vs’ tuning the twin cam engine that I had, it soon became apparent that installing an Alfa engine was the way forward, a few quick measurements were made and these indicated that it should fit in my car without too much trouble & I arranged for a suitable engine to be sourced.


Fitting The Engine

The Engine & gearbox I got had covered only 25K miles & was just nicely run in. It had been stripped and checked by C.A.E. and now looked very nice in its new black and yellow colour scheme.

The old twin cam, which as it happens had just blew a head gasket, was soon removed along with the engine mounts and offside fuel tank etc. With the engine bay now completely empty, the Alfa unit was lowered into position, only to find that it didn't quite fit - the water pump pulley wanting to share the same space as part of the chassis. This was solved by repositioning the diagonal between the 'B' post and the strut top on the offside of the car. The engine was now in place, the bottom of the sump being about 1" below the chassis and the drive flanges on the engine slightly forward of the wheel cen­tre. New engine mounts were fabricated and welded in place. Initially I used the same Land Rover mounts that were used to anchor the twin cam engine, but I later found that these were allowing the heavier V6 engine too much freedom, especially at the gearbox end. These mounts were subsequently changed for Spax  bushes which held the engine in place much better.












The driveshaft’s were fitted to the engine next. These required a spacer/adapter at the inboard end of the Beta shafts on each side, drilled for the two different pcd's. These I managed to make in a friends machine shop.

Next the Gearbox – the input shaft on the 164 gearbox had to be turned around to face forward, a simple process, it just needed a little grinding to ensure that it cleared the clutch arm, a piece of threaded rod from the Beta linkage was then welded to the shaft & this was then screwed to the existing Beta Linkage that came with the Kit. Very easy, but the H pattern was now reversed! This was because the Alfa engine the gear linkage needs to connect below the ball centre on the lever and not above as for the Lancia engine. I had the Alfa gear lever, so this was installed using a new mount welded to the tunnel.

The clutch was next and must be the easiest job requiring only a new fitting on the hose to suit the Alfa slave cylinder. The master cylinder remained the same size as with the Lancia installation (3/4").

The Twin Cam had been running on carbs and the Alfa engine was injected, so the fuel pump needed to be changed for a high pressure injection pump and a suitable high pressure filter installed. Finally a fitting was welded on the fuel tank, for the return pipe from the fuel regulator.

I also installed an oil cooler and a remote fil­ter housing. The remote filter was used, as if the filter remained on the engine in its original position, although it could be unscrewed, it was not possible to remove it without dismantling the rear exhaust headers.



The next job and probably the most daunting was of course the wiring. Fitting the Alfa engine loom and the injection loom around the engine was no problem but they had all the connections in the wrong place, i.e. the injection ECU would have fitted very nicely in the boot and none of the engine wires would reach the car loom. I decided to ditch the engine loom and make my own as this seemed to be a much simpler prospect than trying to lengthen, re-route and change the Alfa loom. The injection loom was quite long and mounting the ECU behind the seats, in­side the car was just a case of stripping down and rebuilding the loom.


Alfa Engine Loom

Wire Colour             Used For                                     

White/Pink             Fuel Pump Supply                          Injection pump Via inline fuse

White/Black          Tacho Signal (-ve as fitted)            White/Black in Litton Loom

Green/Black         Coil Supply (+ve)                             Supplied fm New fused Ignition Relay

Yellow/Green        Unused

Yellow/Grey           Unused

White/Green             Unused

Big Red Wires      Supply to Injection System            Supplied fm New fused Ignition Relay


Wiring For Engine Sensors

Used For                            Litton Loom Colour

Oil Temperature                  Yellow

Petrol Sender                      Green/Black

Water Temperature            Green/Blue

Oil Pressure                        Yellow/White

Starter Relay (signal)          White/Red

Ignition Relay (signal)         White