Lancia Stratos

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Engine Rebuild

I had the engine Aquablast cleaned before starting the rebuild. All the main alloy parts were cleaned individually, this gave excellent results & the parts were painted directly with engine lacquer. Below you see the parts looked like new.

The aqua blasting process uses a fine media mixed in with the water & even though it had been thoroughly washed out, I had not removed the oil way plugs &  these were full of media, so I had to spend a few hours cleaning out everything with a Hi Pressure Washer!

The parts were then painted externally with Etch Primer and Engine Lacquer. 

Before rebuilding the engine I had the Valve seats re ground with a 3 angle cut, to ensure a good seal, this was checked by lapping with fine compound.

The liners were honed using a BRM ball hone and an electric drill, this gave surprisingly good results. Also I machined a small groove in the top of the liners for the gasket to deform into to help seal & locate the liners.

The engine was then rebuilt, with new bearings, gaskets, the new CP pistons and rings & spesso racing head gaskets. The pistons were installed using an ARP tapered ring compressor, a great tool, much easier to use than the more normal type.

Here it is all assembled and ready to go into the car.