Lancia Stratos

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Engine Modifications

My First Car using the 12V Alfa V6 had very little done to the engine, basically just low compression pistons. For this car I have removed the 3.0L 12V Alfa V6 & replaced it with the last version of the engine, the 3.2L 24Valve, my particular engine was from a crashed Alfa 147 GTA.

Compared to the 12V the 24V has bigger diameter inlets & of course will breathe better than the 12Valve one. It also has oil jets to cool the pistons which the 12V did not.

Modification wise, I have forged pistons with a lower compression ratio (8.5:1) These are custom made CP pistons. This time I have also changed the rods & am using THS forged ones.

The THS Rod is on The Left.

Below, the Alfa Piston is on the Left & the CP Low compression one is on the right.

Internally these will be the only changes, the Stock oil pump will be retained & the standard valve train and cams will be utilized. The engine will of course have a full rebuild & will be treated to a coat of paint at the same time. The head Gaskets I plan to use are supplied by Spesso Racing.

The Plenum has been moved from the rear head to the front one to allow for better routing of the boost pipes & positioning of the Charge cooler. The GTA utilises a fly by wire throttle, but this has been removed and a cable throttle body from the alfa 164 will be used. This required an adaptor making to mount it on the GTA plenum.

On my last car I used a Twin Plate Tilton clutch & I will use the same one again as I know it is capable of handling the torque.

This clutch is a lot smaller than the stock alfa one & for the last car i had the Alfa flywheel modified to suit, but for this car I have had a custom flywheel made by TTV. The flywheel weighs just over 3Kg & flywheel and clutch are just over 7Kg. The Alfa Clutch slave cylinder has been removed to give me more space above the gearbox for the turbo & the exhaust system & I am using a concentric type hydraulic release bearing installed between the gearbox & Clutch. 

When installing the clutch to the flywheel I used a piece of square bar to keep the 2 friction plates in line.

In order to mount the release bearing to the gearbox an adapter plate had to be made up... as shown below.

The Standard Starter motor has been changed for a Brise Axial Starter, this has the solenoid inline with the motor, so there is more clearance to the exhaust, which should prevent any overheating problems.