Lancia Stratos

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Gone in Flames

The Car was built in a year, driven and modified for 10 years, but it only took 10 minutes for it to be destroyed.

It was the 12th Jan 2001, I was returning from a visit to relatives, only a short trip & as I was slowing for a roundabout, I looked in the mirror & saw FIRE!! It took about 4 seconds to stop, in which time I had also stopped theengine & Isolated the battery.

Needless to say I was quickly out of the car, but it was to late to even think about reaching for the hand held extinguisher, as there was a flame at least 3ft high coming through the rear louver. The first thing that came to mind was “run away”, which I did - & called the fire brigade. I had to sit & watch as the fire destroyed the car, 10 minutes later 2 fire crews arrived & the fire was put out. However by this time there was nothing left. The heat had consumed the screen, destroyed the fiberglass body, the wheels & tyres. All the alloy parts had either melted or fallen to bits; even one of the cylinder heads was sagging at one corner. A sad ending to what was a great car.