Lancia Stratos

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My Second & Current Stratos Replica- a CAE CORSE 'I'
Which Became the "CORSE TURBO"

After Being without a stratos for 8 years I decided it was time for another one, but I didnt want to spend time building one again from scratch, so I decided to look on the second hand market.

It took a while, but eventually this car came up for sale. It was from the same manufacturer line (Allora/Litton/CAE/Napiersport) as my first car, only this one was from CAE & had all round independent suspension instead of struts at the rear.

The car was a few years old, but in good condition & after changing the seats for ones that better suited me I drove it for around a year & a half before getting the urge to upgrade the engine to a turbocharged one.

The plan was to take a year to upgrade the engine and systems, but I got carried away slightly and have ended up doing nearly a full rebuild. When finished there will hardly be a bolt that hasn't been touched.

As a result it is taking longer than planned, but hopefully it will be finished by the summer of 2012. In adition to the engine upgrade the chassis has been re-painted, the stratos Group IV spoilers & lamp pods fitted, among other body modifications. A group IV  Style dash is also fitted, with stack gauges, the brakes have been uprated, & the car treated to a new 3 colour paint scheme.