Lancia Stratos

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Building The Twin Turbo Corse

After Fitting the Alfa V6 to my first corse, I eventually wanted that bit extra power & considered both supercharging & turbocharging. In the end the decision was to fit turbo’s rather than a supercharger, mostly due to the available space.

            Fitting the turbo’s required new exhaust manifolds to mount them on - more about those later. Then each turbo required an oil feed, which was supplied from a hole drilled & tapped in the end of the oil gallery of the front head, the oil being returned to the sump via two new fittings I had welded on the sump. The turbo’s were also water cooled & the water was supplied from the heater outlet on the engine, flowing into the  main cooling pipe to the radiator.

            The original Alfa ignition/injection was replaced with a Webber Alpha Wasted Spark ignition/Injection system. This meant there was no need for the distributor, which freed up some extra room above the gearbox, allowing the Intercooler to be mounted there. The plenum chamber for the 164, although looking very nice with its chrome pipes had the inlet badly positioned for connecting to the intercooler & so this was replaced with one from an Alfa 75. The 75 plenum was a straight forward exchange & made the plumbing so much simpler. Straps were fitted to this plenum to avoid it blowing off under boost. To get cooling air through the intercooler, a scoop was fitted to one side of the rear louver panel, sticking up slightly above the roof spoiler & a fan fitted just to be on the safe side.

            The standard Alfa clutch was replaced a Tilton paddle clutch. The release bearing being a mix of an AP thrust ring which fitted together perfectly with the Stock Alfa bearing.

            Drive shafts remained Lancia Beta items & the stock (with lsd) Alfa box was retained, the words hope & pray being much used in regard to these items.



Engine   : Alfa Romeo 2957cc  V6  12V from the 164 Lusso

    : Low compression forged alloy pistons 7.25: 1 compression ratio.

            : Webber Alpha wasted Spark ignition/injection system.

            : Balanced crank / flywheel.

Gearbox : Stock Alfa 164, fitted with Limited slip diff.

Tilton single plate rally competition clutch with a Ceremetalic plate.

2 x Garret T25 turbo’s with 360 deg thrust bearing. 0.65 bar boost.

Intercooler: Alloy air/air with fan assistance, mounted over gearbox.

Oil cooler: Oil / air


This was the spec when my car first turned a turbocharged wheel. But some changes were made as time passed.


Clutch: Uprated to a twin plate version.

Turbo: Boost increased to 1.5 bar.

Intercooler: Fitted with dump valve. Cooling fan removed.

Gearbox: Box changed for one from 164 Cloverleaf with lower (3.11) ratio.

Oil cooler: Changed to Laminova oil / water type.

Turbo’s: Rebuilt with larger turbine housings.