Lancia Stratos

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Chassis Modifications

These were the start of the re-build, the car was taken off the road in June 2010, & work commenced, first by removing the old 12Valve engine and ancillaries. Once the engine was out, the 24V engine was offered up to the existing mounts, but due to the larger heads it fouled the chassis.

New engine mounts were made to reposition the engine 1” further forward, clear of the chassis. The sump was a lot shallower and I managed to mount the engine 2” lower.

 Other than new engine mounts the rear diagonal had to be moved to clear the exhaust. The old position can be just made out above & the new position can be seen below in the photo of the engine being removed.

Also at the back, one of the top chassis braces had to be re-made with a different mounting point to clear the boost pipe from the charge cooler.

 That Was it for the rear of the chassis, which left only a small modification at the front - this was to relocate the mounting/pivot for the front clam further forward to give more clearance for the new duct behind the radiator & so that the front could be opened the usual amount without the lower foglight pods hitting the ground.

One final modification was made just before the chassis was painted & that was to fit an extra mounting point on the rear of the gear box to help keep that end of the engine steady.