Lancia Stratos

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Charge Cooling

To get 500BHP the turbo will need to supply just under 1.5bar of boost, that means that an inter cooler is needed. My last car used Air/Air intercooling, but this was never ideal as it was difficult to provide suficient cooling air. For this car, after much thought I have decided to go with a water cooled charge cooler system.

There are many people who will say Charge cooling dosent work, but then again there are just as many who have made it work. I am hoping that a properly designed system will work, and to that end I went to PWR and have made the system to their reccommendations.

At the cooling end there is a PWR 8x10 Charge cooler. Which is rated for upto 650 BHP & is reportedly to be in use in a race series with engines producing over 500BHP

 The Charge cooler is not even half of the story though - just as important is the size of the pump, pipework and the pre radiator. PWR had in stock a radiator which was the same as used on the 500 BHP race car, but this was rejected as it only covered about 3/2 of the surface area or my engine radiator. To ensure that there was full air flow through both the pre rad & the engine rad a custom pre rad was ordered with a core identical in frontal area to my main engine radiator. As it was larger than needed they were able to reduce the fin density to keep the air flow as high as possible. The Pre Rad is show here attached to the main radiator.

The System is plumbed using 25mm pipe and a Davis Craig 115l/hr electric pump.

The pump & swirl pot can be seen here.

Another Job for OJZ was to fabricate the pipes from the turbo to intercooler & intercooler to the Throttle Body. Also due to the repositioning of the Plenum chamber I needed new inlet bends to each cylinder. These are all made from stainless & then polished to add a bit of Bling.