Lancia Stratos

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My Cars Past & Present

I have always liked the Lancia Stratos, but an original one has always been out of the question. My only chance to own one was going to be in the form of a replica.

It all started back in November1990, when I took delivery of my first Stratos Replica, A Litton Corse ‘S’ Kit. Delow is the first picture I can find of when the car was ready to be sent for painting.

The car was built over the next 12 months, & was on the road in the December of 1991. This car I had for just over 10 years, during which time it had various engines, starting with a 2.0L Lancia twin cam on twin Dellorto carbs, this was changed a few years later for a 12 valve Alfa V6 & ultimately the Alfa engine was fitted with Twin Garret T25 Turbo’s giving the car well over 400BHP.

This car was unfortunately destroyed by Fire in 2001, which ended my stratos ownership until 2009.

In Feb 2009 I bought another replica this was a CAE Corse 'I' which had been built 9 years previously & was fitted with a 12V 3.0L Alfa V6.

I drove this ‘new’ car for a year and a half before the turbo bug bit again! In June 2010 the car was taken off the road to have a turbocharged Alfa 24V 3.2 V6 engine fitted, with a goal of the engine producing around 500 BHP.

2 Years Later in June 2012 the Car was back on the road as seen below...