Lancia Stratos

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Upgrading to 4 Pot Calipers

The CAE Corse I Uses Ford Granada Scorpio Brakes & Calipers - these are fine for a standard Alfa engine but are not really suitable for the Turbo Car. My Twin turbo car used 305mm AP Discs & 4 pot calipers, but for this car I decided to go with Brakes from Hi-Spec. As I plan to use the car, on the road, for sprinting/Hill Climbs & on track days, I needed brakes that would work well from cold & also stand upto track use. I decided to go with the largest discs I could to cope with the track & then to use soft pads to give that initial bite for sprints etc.

Of course there is no Kit availabe for the Corse, so I had to work out what would fit myself to this end I managed to get a drawing of the wheel profile I planned to use. This I got for 15,16 & 17" wheels, so I could decide on which wheels as well. Then using  The dimensions of the calipers I playes around with all the various pieces on the Computer until I was happy that everything would fit together. Shown Here is the drawing for the Front and Rear.

The rear was no problem, but at the front, due to the location of the track rod end, the disc and caliper would foul on anything but a 17" wheel, so 17" wheels were chosen.
























The Discs are 325mm vented grooved Hi-Spec Items &  Disc Bells were also supplied by HI-Spec, using one of their standard offsets. The same for the mounting brackets for the Radial Calipers, these were universal ones that had to be drilled to suit my uprights.








The Calipers are 4 Pots all round, the fronts with 42.1mm Pistons & the Rear with 34.6mm pistons. The Rears also double up as handbrake calipers, the cable operating a piston that aplies hydraulic pressure to make the brake work. Not exactly IVA compliant, but fine for me.

Brake Pads are EBC Green Stuff.