Lancia Stratos

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Better Brakes

I had come to dislike the combination of Fiat and Lancia brakes as fitted to my car, mainly because when pushing the car hard they faded badly . My first solution to this was to fit Tarox grooved discs and pads, this provided me with better brakes and no fade. Great, I hear you say, but there was still a slight problem - the rear pads were only lasting me 1000-2000 miles if the car was driven hard. One set didnt even last a track day at Knockhill! This wasn't very practical as I needed to change the pads every few weeks and the Lancia rear calipers are not the most friendly, especially with the added problem of having to skim the pads so they would fit over the thicker front disc that is used. (with the standard disc I had solved this problem by skimming the disc, but you cannot skim Tarox discs be­ cause of the grooves).

The solution was to fit 305mm ventilated, grooved discs & A.P. Racing calipers. The ones I used were surplus Metro 6R4 Stock! These gave plenty of reliable stopping power. To fit these brakes required four disc bells to be machined to hold the disc at the right offset. Mounting the calipers also required new brackets to be fabricated. The size of the original master cylinders at 5/8" rear and 3/4" front are perfect for these brakes so no problem there.

The biggest problem was that there was no hand brake! I ended up using a cable operated caliper that was designed for a Go Kart. Not perfect but they passed the MOT.