Lancia Stratos

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This car will need all the help possible with the cooling, to this end I have fitted into the Front Clam a duct from Lister Bell in place of the usual Louvre Panel This will give an unrestricted exit  from the radiators.

The front grille has also been made as large as possible by removing as much of the flange as possible. I have also fitted a floor to the chassis at the front to ensure none of the airflow passes under the car & the air from the grill is ducted so that it all passes through the radiators. The Quad Pod & Chin spoiler will help to maximise the air into the front grille. The Quad pod also helps to create an area of low pressure where the air exits from the new duct.

The duct looks much better with some professional finishing off and the paint applied

Group IV Spoilers - Roof Vent & Lamp Pods

When I bought the car it had only the rear spoiler fitted. Now it has the full group IV bodywork, with the roof spoiler, roof vent & quad pod. In Addition to the usual Group IV Bodywork, I have also fitted additional lower fog light pods & a Chin Spoiler. The chin spoiler helps with the air flow to the radiator & prevents a lot of air passing under the car helping to stop the front end going light at speed.




Air Inlets

The Car had double NACA style inlet ducts on the drivers side providing air to the oil cooler. One of these now provides air for the Gearbox cooler & the other will just blow air across the front of the engine to help keep temperatures down.

On the Nearside I have boxed in the area behind the door, to provide a cold air box around the air filter & this is supplied with air through a 5”x 5” hole cut into the body.





Group IV Dash

I have removed the standard Stradale dash & centre console that were fitted to the car when I got it & replaced these with a Group IV style dash. This in no way replicates the original instrument layout, but has given me plenty of room for the numerous gauges that I am using.




The Stack dash Instruments are as follows:

80mm gauge.

·         Tachometer (ST700) This includes a Speedometer/Odometer with 2 Sensor Channels that are used to measure Intercooler In/Out temperature. It can also be used as an acceleration timer.

54mm Gauges as Follows:

·         Fuel Pressure 0 - 7bar

·         Oil Temperature 40 - 140C

·         Water Temperature 40 - 120C

·         Fuel Level

·         Boost Pressure -1 - 2bar

·         Charge Cooler Water temperature 40 – 120C

54mm Pro Control Gauges

·         Oil Pressure 0-7bar – Output used for Oil Pressure Warning Light

·         Exhaust temperature 0 – 1100C – Output not used

·         Lambda Gauge – 0 – 4 V output to the ECU

·         Gearbox Oil temperature 40 – 140C Output used to control the Pump.

Dash Switches as Follows:

·         Fan Override No1 / No2

·         Water Pump Override No1 / No2

·         Charge Cooling Pump Override

·         Fuel Pump Override Low pressure / High Pressure

·         Lamp Pod On/Off

·         Front Fog Lights On/Off

·         Rear Fog Lights On/Off

·         Fire Extinguisher Release

·         Hazard Lights On/Off

·         Heater Fan 1,2,3 + On/Off

·         Tacho Control Switches x2

·         Boost Control

·         Battery Isolator On/Off

·         Engine Start


Steering wheel switches

·         Horn Push

·         Tacho Select

·         Launch Control (Aux Rev Limit) On/Off

·         Flat Shift On/Off

·         Map Select

·         Data Log On/Off